Meet Eduardo and Erica

“Eduardo and Erica Campos have made the concepts they developed through their work accessible to all of us.”
— Luis Fernando Esteban Bernáldez, Honorary Consul of Spain for Washington and Oregon

J. Eduardo Campos, EMPA

Author | Speaker | Solution Designer | Advisor

J. Eduardo is a seasoned strategist who designs sustainable solutions by building bridges across diverse groups.

After creating business growth opportunities on four continents through his leadership roles at PwC, Embraer, and Bell Canada, he spent 13 years at Microsoft, first as a cybersecurity advisor, then leading innovative Microsoft projects at the highest levels of government in the U.S. and abroad.

Today, Eduardo is realizing his dream of building a better tomorrow by leading his consulting firm, Embedded Knowledge, Inc., to develop value propositions, customize business strategies, and form partnerships that enable organizations and entrepreneurs to design creative solutions for their complex problems.

At Central Washington University (CWU), J. Eduardo is continually inspired by a talented group of people involved in Game On!, a program that inspires and empowers high school students in rural Washington to attend college. There, purpose-driven professionals who work for Microsoft, Real Madrid Foundation, and CWU enable young people who participate in the program.

Erica W. Campos, EMPA

Author | Speaker | Solution Designer | Advisor

Erica is a seasoned compliance professional who is passionate about using her skills to build transparent, ethical, and sustainable relationships across diverse groups.

Currently a Compliance senior lead for Microsoft, Erica leverages her 25+ years in global management roles in large corporations in the Financial (ABN Amro Banco Real) and Consulting (PwC) industries.

Applying her agile collaboration, influencing, and negotiation skills to support the interests of all stakeholders, Erica has a solid record of designing solutions that mutually benefit all involved.

Enjoying life in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Eduardo and Erica are strengthening their personal and professional partnership by opening a new chapter in their lives, which they term “The Big Leap.“ It’s the start of realizing their long-held dream of sharing their skills and passion for sparking innovation and building bridges between people, processes, and possibilities. They are confident that their Big Leap will achieve Big Impact for large audiences across the public and private sectors.

As Advisory Board members of the University of Washington’s Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, where they both got their Executive Master’s degrees, they give back to the community that welcomed them with open arms by sharing the skills acquired from their journey.


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