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Embedded-Knowledge, Inc.

J. Eduardo and Erica Campos founded Embedded Knowledge, Inc to help organizations design and implement sustainable solutions for complex problems. Utilizing time-tested methods and innovative techniques, E-K helps organizations drive results by tapping into the vast knowledge that’s already embedded within their organization.

Complex organizational problems present obstacles such as multiple stakeholders, endless variables, and countless possible solutions. Rather than adopting a strategy that simply treats the effects, E-K helps you get to the root of your organizational issue, then design a solution that will address that cause.

Their innovative methods create initiatives that not only address the issue at hand, but that evolve as your organization does.


Passionate and Engaging Presenters

J. Eduardo and Erica W. Campos have been solving complex problems for global organizations for decades.

J. Eduardo is an expert in strategic, inclusive solution design with a background in business development for global companies. He has worked on four continents, tracking intercultural and multinational problems in newly emerging markets.

Erica is committed to building transparent, ethical, and sustainable relationships across diverse groups. She gained her problem solving expertise while working at consulting firms and financial institutions around the world.

Together, they are a dynamic team, ready to inspire you and your group into action. Through their speaking and training programs, they help you expand previous ideas of what is possible for your business and lead your organization forward.

Key topics and areas of expertise:

  • Solution design for complex organizational problems: Putting Design Thinking, Business Model Generation, and other methodologies and techniques to work
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Decision-Making: Precise influencing to move the needle
  • Cybersecurity for Decision-Makers: Driving the right conversation between management and the C-suite, and between the latter and the Board of Directors
  • Compliance and Supply Chain Management: Effective supplier engagement through awareness, commitment, and rewarding
  • Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC): A three-pronged approach to taking risks and bringing your organization to the next level
  • Innovation: Creating solutions to support startup ecosystems, create jobs, and foster economic growth