Turning Ideas Into Actions
Designing sustainable solutions for complex problems

Finding optimal solutions that solve complex problems can be difficult, even for seasoned business leaders.

Organizational problems have several stakeholders, endless variables, and a myriad of possible solutions. It’s hard enough figuring out where to start. Coming up with the perfect, mutually beneficial solution is even harder.

With over fifty years combined ‘solution-designing’ experience in corporations across the globe, Eduardo & Erica Campos are the experts you want helping you solve your most complex problems and turning your ideas into actions.

The Book

From Problem Solving to Solution Design

J. Eduardo Campos and Erica W. Campos share what they have learned from their extensive fifty-plus years of formal training, tireless research, and solution-designing experience in addressing both everyday situations and complex organizational problems.

From Problem Solving To Solution Design - Book Cover

Embedded-Knowledge, Inc

E-K’s mission is to aid organizations in the design and implementation of sustainable solutions for complex problems. Utilizing time-tested methods and innovative techniques, E-K helps companies drive results by tapping into the vast knowledge already embedded within their organization. They aim to look after all stakeholders’ motivations, while still designing a solution that will bring tangible results.

Solution Designing 101:
How Equipped is Your Company for Designing Solutions that Matter?